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Weather Proof * Simple Installation * Easy Maintenance

Product Application

The unique performance of Vitally composite panel decides its extensive usage. It is widely used by designer architect, contractor and building owner as building exterior wall, curtain wall, indoor decorative wall and ceiling, furniture, vehicle interiors, billboard and advertising signs and many others.

Building Exterior
The highly formable characteristic and various available surface finishes offering broad design possibilities. It can be precisely curved to your desired curvature. The rigid yet light-weight Aluminium Composite Panels are ideal for structure finished . Load to the foundation and framework is minimised. It is ideal for pedestrian walkway, skybridge and etc.
  • Curtainwall
  • Architecture Facade
  • Column Covers and Beam Wraps
  • Billboards and Public Signs
  • Pedestrian Walkway
Aluminium Composite Panels
Building Interior
Vitally Aluminium Composite Panels turn your enviroment into a futuristic . The flat, flawless and glossy surface is definitely visually appealing. Vitally is widely used as decorative wall in public area . The PVDF coated aluminium surface is easily to maintained. Cleanliness is upkeep by wiping using damp soft cloth. Vitally Aluminium Composite Panel is a good substitution for conventional type of wood or metal door . It’s water-resistance characteristic makes it a new choice to use in kitchen and bathroom .
  • False Ceiling
  • Interior Decorative Wall
  • Tunnel Wall
  • Furniture and Cabinets
  • Bus and Train Interiors
signage boards
Signage materials & Others
Aluminium Composite Panels are well known by its usage as signage boards . The PVDF coating ensure it’s resistance to weather.
signage boards materials