"Best Aluminium Composite Panel QC lab in ASEAN!"
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QC Laboratory

QUALITY ASSURANCE Developing and ensuring the highest quality aluminium composite panel is not just a statement, it is a mission and a commitment to customer that Vitally, your one stop aluminum composite panel supplier has been delivering upon since the company was founded. Vitally QC lab is one of the best equipped QC lab in Asia. It equipped with more than 15 types of testing equipments, covering product strength test, dimension accuracy test, colour variation test and etc. Every piece of Vitally Aluminium Composite Panel is going through stringent in house QC test. A team of experience engineer is dedicated to strive for the highest level of quality as well as product quality consistency. Quality test covered incoming material, in-process checking and finished product. In Vitally, with the most well-equipped lab and its team of dedicated QC engineer, we commit to our customer that every piece of Aluminium Composite Panel received is quality assured.